1. Sex doesn’t keep a man, if you like, turn 360% on bed, he will still dump
you. Bleach until you become white, if he doesn’t notice the qualities of a
wife in you, he will leave you.

2. A man who win your love with cash may not stay forever. Real men doesn’t
settle down with fake women who love money.

3. The beauty of a woman can take her to a Palace but her character will
determine how long she stays in the palace. Beauty attracts men but character
keep them.

4. Material things definitely has its merits but it cannot alone provide the
riches of a truly meaningful life.

5. Being sexy without a character will not get you a husband, you will only get
a boyfriend.

6. Sex can bring pleasure but it can never bring love, sex is a product of love,
love is not a product of sex.

7. Sex can make a man stay with you overnight but love will make him stay
for a lifetime.

8. There are some things that money just can’t buy like manners, moral and

9. How you dress will definitely determine how men will address you.

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PANAMA PAPERS CLAIMS SHARIF…THE PAKISTAN LEADER!!! Panama Papers leak sparked probe that led to Pakistan leader’s resignation By Euan McKirdy, Sophia Saifi and Chandrika Narayan, CNN 

Panama Papers leak sparked probe that led to Pakistan leader’s resignation

Story highlights

  • Scandal first ignited with the release of the Panama Papers in April 2016
  • Pakistan Supreme Court disqualifies Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from office

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN)Revelations of his family’s finances that emerged in the Panama Papers leak led to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation Friday after the country’s Supreme Court disqualified him in a corruption probe.

The high court ruled that Sharif had been dishonest to Parliament and to the judicial system and was no longer deemed fit for office.
A five-judge panel announced its unanimous decision Friday afternoon. Silence enveloped the courtroom as Justice Ejaz Afzal read the judgment, and the opposition distributed candy in celebration following the verdict.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, center, has been a force in Pakistan's turbulent politics for decades.

The panel investigated Sharif’s alleged links to offshore accounts and overseas properties owned by three of his adult children. The assets were not declared on his family’s wealth statement, but the Panama Papers leak in April 2016 revealed them. The huge cache of documents allegedly connected to a Panama law firm revealed the financial dealings of some of the world’s best-known people.
Sharif was not named in the Panama Papers, but his three children were linked in the documents to offshore companies.
what are panama papers rf orig_00011903

What are the Panama Papers? 01:46
The Panama Papers leak sparked mass protests in Pakistan and calls from opposition political groups for a panel to investigate Sharif and his children over their alleged offshore accounts.

Opposition: ‘Victory for the people’

Reacting to the verdict, the ruling party, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, or PML-N, said the Prime Minister would accept the court’s decision.
“There has been an injustice against us. Nawaz Sharif will step down as premier of Pakistan despite reservations regarding the verdict,” a party statement said.
The election commission was ordered to issue a disqualification notice to Sharif. With the ruling, his Cabinet also was dissolved.
The 68-year-old leader who has been at the helm of Pakistan’s turbulent politics for more than three decades was expected to vacate the Prime Minister’s residence by Friday evening.
Supporters of the Pakistan Peoples Party protest earlier this week against Sharif in Lahore.

Former cricket star Imran Khan, leader of the opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, or PTI, lobbied vigorously for Sharif’s investigation and described the court’s decision as a “victory for the people.”
“Nations are not destroyed by wars, bombs or natural disasters. They are destroyed when their institutions have been destroyed,” Khan said. “This is the beginning. Now all of us have to protect our resources and not let the corrupt exploit them.”
But Pakistan’s minister of railways blamed the military for Sharif’s downfall.
“There has been an injustice against us,” said the minister, Khawaja Saad Rafique, who is a member of Sharif’s party. “We are very aware what the actual crime of the PM is. We want civil supremacy. We come into power through democratic means. We give our lives to bring back democracy to this country. We give power to these institutions. … We are being punished for this.”
No civilian prime minister in Pakistan has ever completed a full term in office. Friday’s ruling marked the first time in the country’s history that a leader was disqualified from office following a judicial process.
Sharif’s term was to end next year, and he wouldn’t have been able to run again because of term limits.
But with the disqualification, he can’t hold any parliamentary position, become involved in election campaigns or lead his party.
General elections are scheduled for April, and the ruling PML-N is widely expected to win despite Friday’s ruling.
A prominent Pakistani journalist said Sharif’s resignation will “activate the streets.”
“I think they are feeling that if a person with the experience of Nawaz Sharif can be ousted then, nobody will else will be allowed to ‘deliver’ until the elections,” Nusrat Javed said. “There is a feeling that the judges have played someone else’s game. It all depends on who the next prime minister will be.”

A political heavyweight

Under Sharif, Pakistan has experienced economic growth and a marked drop in terrorism. The government also has initiated a bold foreign policy that led to strong ties with China and the formation of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
Known as the “Lion of Punjab,” Sharif is one of Pakistan’s leading industrialists and richest men as well as a fearsome political operative — having been Prime Minister twice before.
But his long political career has been dogged with missteps and allegations of corruption. He was forced to step down during his first term as Prime Minister after a family-owned business, Ittefaq Industries, grew tremendously while he was in office.
Sharif was re-elected in 1997 and ordered Pakistan’s first nuclear tests, but a showdown with the nation’s powerful military saw his second term end prematurely as well.
In 1999, Sharif fired then-army head Pervez Musharraf after a failed invasion of Kargil in Indian-controlled Kashmir. But in a dramatic turnaround, Musharraf launched a coup and eventually had his former boss imprisoned on charges of hijacking for attempting to stop a plane carrying the general from landing.
Sharif, left, with Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz, center, and Pervez Musharraf in 1999.

Sharif was later sentenced to an additional 14 years in prison on corruption charges, but he was released after six months when Saudi Arabia brokered a deal to allow him to go into exile there.
In 2007, Sharif returned to his homeland after his PML-N party teamed up with the Pakistan Peoples Party, or PPP, to force Musharraf out of office.
After some legal and constitutional wrangling, Sharif was re-elected Prime Minister for a third time in 2013 amid accusations of vote-rigging.
Musharraf praised the court’s decision and said he believed Sharif’s political career was finished.
“It is finished in the minds and hearts of the people of Pakistan. It should have been finished much before but anyway, better late than never,” he said Friday in an interview with India’s CNN News 18.

Links to offshore companies alleged

The latest and final nail in Sharif’s political coffin is not of his own making but rather the alleged financial improprieties of his children.
While owning properties is not illegal, opposition parties have questioned if the money to buy them came from public funds.
Sharif was not personally named, but three adult children were linked to offshore companies that owned properties in London. One British Virgin Islands holding firm listed his daughter, Maryam, as the sole shareholder.
The Supreme Court created a task force in April after it was unable to determine the links to corruption independently. At the time Sharif pledged to step down if anything from the investigation proved corruption.
Investigators found that Sharif held a work permit for the United Arab Emirates for a previously undisclosed company, a violation of the Pakistani Constitution, according to Friday’s judgment.
In November, his daughter tweeted images of a disclosure form claiming she was not the owner of a London property. However, the document, dated 2006, used a font — Calibri — that did not become widely available until the following year.
Maryam Sharif, who many believed was being groomed to take the reins from her father, has denied any wrongdoing.

Court orders seizure of Diezani’s Banana Island house, Funds…

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Court orders seizure of Diezani’s Banana Island house, funds

The Federal High Court in Lagos on Wednesday ordered the temporary forfeiture of a property at Banana Island , Lagos , reportedly bought for $37. 5 m in 2013 by a former Minister of Petroleum Resources , Mrs. Diezani Alison – Madueke .

The property , designated as Building 3 , Block B, Bella Vista Plot 1 , Zone N , Federal Government Layout, Banana Island Foreshore Estate, has 24 apartments, 18 flats and six penthouses , according to court papers presented on Wednesday by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission .


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BBC pay: Who earns what?



The BBC has, for the first time, published salaries of its highest paid stars – with all those earning £150,000 or more included.

The salaries are grouped into categories of £50,000 and are for the financial year 2016-17, where they came directly from the licence fee.

line break

Radio 2

The music station has the highest BBC earner among its presenters in Chris Evans and Steve Wright, who is also in the top 14 highest-paid stars.

CHRIS EVANS (Pay bracket: £2,200,000 – £2,249,999)

Chris EvansImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Chris Evans, who is the top earner on the list, has hosted Radio 2’s Breakfast Show every weekday morning since 2010. He also co-presented one series of TV show Top Gear.

STEVE WRIGHT (Pay bracket: £500,000 – £549,999)

Steve Wright

Steve Wright presents Radio 2 weekday show Steve Wright in the Afternoon and Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs on Sunday mornings.

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Pay bracket: £350,000 – £399,999

  • Vanessa Feltz
  • Nicholas Grimshaw
  • Simon Mayo

£300,000 – £349,999

  • Lauren Laverne

£250,000 – £299,999

  • Ken Bruce
  • Scott Mills
  • Trevor Nelson

£200,000 – £249,999

  • Mark Radcliffe

£150,000 – £199,999

  • Adrian Chiles
  • Greg James
  • Shaun Keaveny
  • Moira Stuart
  • Jo Whiley
line break


GARY LINEKER (Pay bracket: £1,750,000 – £1,799,999)

Gary Lineker

Former England striker Gary Lineker presents the BBC’s flagship football highlights programme Match of the Day on a Saturday night while he is also one of the hosts for the annual Sports Personality of the Year awards night.

Pay bracket: £400,000 – £449,999

  • Alan Shearer

£300,000 – £349,999

  • Sue Barker

£250,000 -£299,999

  • Jason Mohammad

£200,000 – £249,999

  • John Inverdale
  • Gabby Logan

£150,000 – £199,999

  • Jonathan Agnew
  • Clare Balding
  • Jonathan Davies
  • John McEnroe
line break


Adam Woodyatt and Danny Dyer
Image captionAdam Woodyatt (left) and Danny Dyer

Pay bracket: £200,000 – £249,999

  • Danny Dyer
  • Adam Woodyatt

£150,000 – £199,999

  • Laurie Brett
  • Letitia Dean
  • Tameka Empson
  • Linda Henry
  • Scott Maslen
  • Diane Parish
  • Gillian Taylforth
  • Lacey Turner
line break


ALEX JONES (Pay bracket: £400,000 – £499,999)

Alex Jones

Alex Jones co-hosts BBC One’s The One Show with Matt Baker, having joined the programme in 2010. She also co-presents Shop Well for Less? and last year hosted a one-off documentary called Alex Jones – Fertility and Me.

NICKY CAMPBELL (Pay bracket: £400,000 – £449,999)

Nicky Campbell

Nicky Campbell co-hosts Radio 5 live’s Breakfast Show on weekday mornings and also presents BBC One’s Sunday morning programme The Big Questions.

EDDIE MAIR (Pay bracket: £300,000 – £349,999)

Eddie Mair

Pay bracket: £850,000 – £899,999

  • Graham Norton

£700,000 – £749,999

  • Jeremy Vine

£600,000 – £649,000

  • John Humphrys

£550,000 – £599,999

  • Huw Edwards

£450,000 – £499,999

  • Matt Baker
  • Claudia Winkleman

£400,000 – £449,000

  • Andrew Marr
  • Stephen Nolan

£350,000 – £399,999

  • Fiona Bruce

£250,000 – £299,999

  • Zoe Ball
  • Brian Cox
  • Evan Davis

£200,000 – £249,999

  • Mark Chapman
  • Jools Holland
  • Dan Walker

£150,000 – £199,999

  • Naga Munchetty
line break


DEREK THOMPSON (Pay bracket: £350,000 – £399,999)

Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson is the highest-paid actor on the list. He has played Charlie Fairhead in hospital drama Casualty since the series started in 1986.

AMANDA MEALING (Pay bracket: £250,000 – £299,999)

Amanda Mealing

Amanda Mealing plays Connie Beauchamp in Casualty, having previously played the character in the BBC’s other hospital drama Holby City.

Pay bracket: £200,000 – £249,999

  • Peter Capaldi
  • Emilia Fox
  • David Jason
  • Rosie Marcel

£150,000 – £199,999

  • Guy Henry
  • Hugh Quarshie
  • Jemma Redgrave
  • Tim Roth
  • Catherine Shipton
line break

News and Current Affairs

Pay bracket: £250,000 – £299,999

  • George Alagiah
  • Nicholas Robinson

£200,000 – £249,999

  • Victoria Derbyshire
  • Mishal Husain
  • Martha Kearney
  • Laura Kuenssberg
  • Andrew Neil
  • Jonathan Sopel

£150,000 – £199,999

  • Kamal Ahmed
  • Jeremy Bowen
  • Ben Brown
  • Mark Easton
  • Gavin Esler
  • James Naughtie
  • John Pienaar
  • Sophie Raworth
  • John Simpson
  • Kirsty Wark
  • Justin Webb
line break

TV Non scripted (Factual and Entertainment)

Pay bracket: £350,000 – £399,999

  • Tess Daly

£300,000 – £349,999

  • Nick Knowles

£200,000 – £249,999

  • Gary Barlow
  • Len Goodman
  • Danii Minogue
  • Bruno Tonioli
  • Alan Yentob

£150,000 – £199,999

  • Darcey Bussell
  • Mel Giedroyc
  • Craig Horwood
  • Paul Martin
  • Simon Schama
line break

Specialist Contractors and Writers

Pay bracket: £150,000 – £199,999

  • Daryl Bramley – Programme Manager
  • Colin Brown – Identity Architect
  • Roy Clarke – Writer
  • Patrick Foody – Analytics Architect
  • Claire Hetherington – IT Programme Manager
  • James Hewines – Technical Project Manager
  • Daran Little – Writer
  • Ruth Moreland – Project Manager
  • Andy Pryor – Casting Manager
  • Terence Reeves – Service Architect
  • Noel Scotford – Programme Manager
  • Richard Smith – Integration Lead

Hospital asbestos ‘a ticking time bomb’!!!

Hospital asbestos ‘a ticking time bomb’!!!

The number of people who could contract cancer from asbestos poisoning in London’s hospitals is a “ticking time bomb”, it has been claimed.

BBC London has found 94% of hospitals in the capital contain asbestos.

About 1,000 people have died from mesothelioma since 2011 in London, seven of which were doctors and nurses.

The government said many parts of the NHS estate date from an era when asbestos was widely used but it is considered safe if left undisturbed.

The Health and Safety Executive also claims that white asbestos, the type used in hospitals – often to protect piping, does not pose a risk.

But Jerry Swain, acting national instructor for Unite’s construction centre, and lawyer Isobel Lovett, who has dealt with asbestos cases for 17 years, have both described the number of people who are developing mesothelioma as like a “ticking time bomb”.

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  • About 2,600 people die each year in the UK from the condition which affects the lungs
  • Symptoms include breathlessness, cough, chest pain, night sweats and in rare cases damage to the spinal chord
  • The median survival rate is 12 months, chemotherapy treatment can add two to three months
  • People who worked in offices and buildings with asbestos are being increasingly diagnosed, rather than just those who had direct contact with the material
  • In areas with high risk exposure, about 5-10% individuals will develop it

Source: Doctor Peter Szlosarek, consultant oncologist at Barts Hospital who is studying mesothelioma

line break

“White asbestos in hospitals is still a danger – there’s no safe form of asbestos,” said Ms Lovett. “There’s no safe level of dust to which you can be exposed. All asbestos dust, once breathed in, presents a hazard.”

She added that while the source of white asbestos remains in hospitals, there was always a danger that someone could inadvertently disturb it in some way and release the dangerous fibres.

Mr Swain added: “It’s very hard to imagine a killer being safe. Asbestos is a known killer, people are dying from it. The only safe asbestos is asbestos that’s been removed.

“If we’re going to leave asbestos in places, we have to be aware that we are taking a conscious decision and that people will die.”

He said a plan was needed to eradicate it because some workers may be unaware of the dangers.

line break

Juliet’s story

Dr Andrew Lawson lived with mesothemelioma for seven years before he died

Juliet Cohen, whose husband Andrew Lawson was an anaesthetist and specialised in intensive care medicine and chronic pain management, claimed he was exposed to asbestos walking through the underground tunnels linking hospital buildings at Guys and St Thomas Hospital when he trained there between 1976-82.

He died in 2014, seven years after being diagnosed with mesothelioma.

“At the time there was asbestos lagging in poor repair in these underground tunnels linking hospital buildings,” she said.

“It means that every single person walking through was exposed on a daily basis. The risks of asbestos were well known at the time, that is something that is completely indefensible.”

Juliette Cohen
Dr Lawson’s wife Juliet Cohen said health trusts knew about the risks

She said her husband was contacted “on a daily basis” by doctors and nurses who were concerned about their exposure.

Ms Cohen added that all the health trusts knew about the dangers of asbestos.

“They simply failed to take enough action to remove the risk for people who work there,” she added.

The hospital said the asbestos in the basement area which Dr Lawson was exposed to was removed in the 1990s.

line break

At spokesperson for NHS Improvement, part of the Department of Health, said: “In common with buildings across the country, many parts of the NHS estate date from an era when asbestos was widely used. Asbestos is considered safe if it is undisturbed.

“Nationally, there are strict rules and regulations in place so that asbestos is registered and safely contained. When building or other work is carried out, experts are bought in to properly and safely dispose of it.

“Safety is and always will be our top priority. We continue to work with trusts to ensure that their estate remains a safe environment for all patients and staff.”

Aisha Buhari: Hyenas, Jackals Will Soon Be Evicted from My Husband’s Kingdom

Source: Aisha Buhari: Hyenas, Jackals Will Soon Be Evicted from My Husband’s Kingdom


Tobi Soniyi

In a statement certain to raise eyebrows, President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, has promised that “hyenas and jackals” will soon be evicted from the proverbial kingdom headed by her husband.

Mrs. Buhari, who has never shied away from controversy and in a BBC interview last year had alluded to a cabal in the presidency that was influencing her husband, stated this in a Facebook post Monday, in response to a post by the senator representing Kaduna Central in the National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani, who had lamented that prayers for the “Lion King” had waned due to his prolonged absence.

But in her response, which shed more light on the power play at the Presidential Villa, following Buhari’s illness and absence from the country since May 7, his wife said God had answered the prayers of the weaker animals.
Senator Sani’s post had read: “Prayer for the absent Lion King has waned; until he’s back then they will fall over each other to be on the front row of the palace temple. Now the hyenas and the jackals are scheming and talking to each other in whispered (tones); still doubting whether the Lion King will be back or not.

“Now the Lion King is asleep and no other dare (sic) to confirm if he will wake up or not. Its (sic) the wish of the hyenas that the Lion King never wakes up or come (sic) back so that they can be kings. Its (sic) the prayers of the weak animals that the Lion King comes back to save the kingdom from the Hyenas, the wolves and other predators.”

But in her response to the senator’s post, Mrs. Buhari said: “God has answered the prayers of the weaker Animals. The hyenas and the jackals will soon be sent out of the kingdom. We strongly believe in the prayers and support of the weaker animals. Long live the weaker animals, long live Nigeria.”
Her response attracted hundreds of comments from her followers on Facebook, most of them wishing her husband quick recovery.

Mrs. Buhari had returned to the UK last week to see her husband, after an earlier trip last month, following which Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose had claimed that she was not allowed to see the president by the alleged cabal around him.

Upon her return to Nigeria at the time, she had said Buhari was recovering and had expressed his appreciation to Nigerians praying for him.
It is uncertain if her response to Senator Sani was a pointer to the president’s impending return to the country, or if it was a sign that he was recovering from his illness.
Buhari left the country 63 days ago for the United Kingdom to get treatment for an undisclosed illness. Unlike his earlier trip this year, when he spent 50 days in the UK, he has neither been seen nor heard from since his departure.

Alleged N1.4 Billion fraud: Ex-OAU vice chancellor remanded in detention – Premium Times Nigeria

The former vice chancellor is popular among staff and students.

Source: Alleged N1.4 Billion fraud: Ex-OAU vice chancellor remanded in detention – Premium Times Nigeria


FILE PHOTO: Acting Vice-Chancellor, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Prof. Anthony Elujoba (L) and Public Relations Officer of the Institution, Mr Abiodun Olarewaju, with some supporters rejoicing over the election of Prof. Elujoba as the Acting Vice-Chancellor in Ile-Ife, Osun, on Thursday (21/7/16) 5236/21/7/2016/EDA/HB/BJO/NAN

FILE PHOTO: Acting Vice-Chancellor, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Prof. Anthony Elujoba (L) and Public Relations Officer of the Institution, Mr Abiodun Olarewaju, with some supporters rejoicing over the election of Prof. Elujoba as the Acting Vice-Chancellor in Ile-Ife, Osun, on Thursday (21/7/16) 5236/21/7/2016/EDA/HB/BJO/NAN

An Osun State high court has remanded a former vice-chancellor of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Anthony Elujoba, in custody until Tuesday next week, after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission arraigned him over an alleged N1.4 billion fraud.

The former vice-chancellor and the university’s bursar, Josephine Akeredolu, who both appeared in court in handcuffs, are facing a seven-count charge of diversion of funds and abuse of office.

Messrs. Elujobi and Akeredolu have denied any wrongdoing.

They appeared before the court presided by Justice David Oladimeji on charges bordering on an intent to steal money belonging to the university and conspiracy to defraud. among other offences.

The counsel to the defendants, Ibrahim Lawal, in an application for bail, prayed the court to remand his clients in EFCC custody pending the determination of the application.

But the EFCC counsel, Festus Ojo, asked instead that they be remanded at the Ilesha Prisons.

In his ruling, Justice Oladimeji ordered that the defendants be remanded in EFCC custody pending the hearing of the application on Tuesday, July 11.

Workers of the university, including the current Vice-Chancellor, Ogunbodede Eyitope, were in court to show support to their embattled colleagues.

They displayed various placards demanding that the EFCC should bring out the ‘real looters’ and release Mr. Elujoba.

The university had declared Friday lecture free to enable the workers show their support for the accused.

Mr. Elujoba is popular among staff and students of the university who believe he worked hard to maintain peace in the university in his short stint as vice chancellor.

Nigerian Government Agrees To Publish Names Of Looters | Sahara Reporters

The Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr Abubakar Malami, disclosed this to State House correspondents on Wednesday after the Federal Executive Council meeting.

Source: Nigerian Government Agrees To Publish Names Of Looters | Sahara Reporters


The Federal Government has announced plans to publish names of treasury looters as ordered by a Federal High Court in Lagos.

The Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr Abubakar Malami, disclosed this to State House correspondents on Wednesday after the Federal Executive Council meeting.

The court had ordered the Federal Government to “immediately release to Nigerians, information about the names of high-ranking public officials from whom public funds were recovered and the circumstances under which funds were recovered, as well as the exact amount recovered from each public official”.

The judgment was delivered Justice Hadiza Rabiu Shagari following a Freedom of Information suit number: FHC/CS/964/2016 brought by Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP).

Mr Malami told reporters in Abuja that government is in agreement with the ruling and will carry out the order as long as it does not amount to sub judice.

He also hinted that the Council has approved a roadmap for the implementation of the newly developed anti-corruption strategy.

The Attorney-General explained that the policy was geared towards enhancing enforcement and sanctions in the ongoing anti-corruption war in the country.

Earlier, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo kick started the Federal Executive Council meeting with a minute’s silence in honor of the elder statesman, Maitama Sule.

Speaking shortly before observing the moment of silence, Professor Osinbajo described the late orator and former Minister in the First Republic as patriotic, and a committed nationalist whose interventions made a huge difference in the nation.

Abubakar Malami