In concluding Part 2 of my series of articles; JKF is Victorious Already, I promised to discuss other topics on JKF’s transformation agenda in Ile Olokiti.

In his inaugural speech while being sworn in as Governor on 16 October 2010, John Kayode Fayemi said “……….. we had named this a Collective Rescue Mission. The Vision is clear; the Mission is here. It is to make poverty history in our land. While it is going to be a daunting task, it is not an insurmountable challenge to move beyond our most recent wounds. In fact, our only choice is to continue on the path of reconciliation and renewal towards a model State – because Ekiti State is bigger than us all”.

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines ‘transformation’ as. ” a complete change in somebody/something”

While the word transformation is commonly used by political leaders in our country to hoodwink our people by the so called various transformation agendas many governments claim to be pursuing, my own definition of transformation is ” having good governance on the ground for the benefit of the people”

Since becoming Governor in Ekiti state JKF has pursued vigorously my own definition of transformation by ensuring that good governance is practiced in ekiti state and it is visible, tangible and verifiable for all to see.

This part 3 will only focus on how this state has indeed been transformed in the Education and Health Sectors.

JKF’s policies and achievements in 42 months since he has been governor here have practically attacked poverty and our people are the better for it.

The rot in the education and health sectors in 2010, when JKF came into office must have made him to quickly seize the moment.

He was probably guided by Harry S. Truman’s admonition “that men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better”


A few ( NOT All ) of the landmark achievements recorded by this Governor in the Education Sector are as follows:

Procured and distributed 400 Motorcycles to Teachers serving in the rural areas.

Paid WAEC fees totalling Eighty-Six Million, One Hundred and Four Thousand, One Hundred and Eighty-Seven Naira (N86,104,187); Sixty-Six Million, Eight Hundred and Eighty-Four Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixty-Two Naira (N66,884,662) and Eighty-Four Million, Fifty-One Thousand, One Hundred Naira (N84,051,100) in years 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013 academic Sessions.

Procured and distributed textbooks on core Science Subjects worth Two Hundred Million Naira (N200M) in 2013 for Senior Secondary School Students in Public Secondary Schools.

Provided free JAMB Forms to qualified Ekiti State Candidates in 2011 (2000), 2012 (1900) and 2013 when a total of 2100 Candidates benefited at the cost of Thirty-Seven Million, Ninety Thousand Naira (N37,090,000).

Only yesterday, Dr Fayemi promoted 14 principals of public secondary schools to special grade Level 17, and this gesture is part of the transformational agenda of the his administration and a First of its kind in the state.

The massive investment of the JKF administration in Education is yielding good results before our very eyes, a few examples will suffice:

The Ekiti State Education sector again re-established its leading position at the national level as it produced the Best Nigerian Secondary School Teacher and Second Best Primary School awards in the 2013 edition of President’s Teachers Schools award.

The teachers are Mr Michael Osiagwu of AUD High School, Ire Ekiti who got a KIA Picanto and Mrs Sesan Bosede of AUD Pilot Primary School, Ado- Ekiti.

The State which also produced the third best primary school teacher got virtually all the trophies for the Francophone competition for States in the Southwest as Victor Obi of Anglican High School Ado Ekiti and Felix Adegboyega of Ekiti Baptist High School emerged first and second respectively in the competition.

In the quiz aspect of the Francophone competition Timileyin Omoya of Anglican Grammar School Ado Ekiti came first while the same school led by Banke Omosule came second in the Dance competition.

Seun Makinde of the State College of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Ikere Ekiti emerged first in the annual National Mathematics competition organized by the National Mathematics Association of Nigeria and also came second in the International Junior Olympian Competition. JKF has rewarded this boy, an orphan by giving him a scholarship to continue his education.

Ekiti State College of Education in Ikere Ekiti is now one of the best in the country and Ekiti State University ( EKSU) has moved from 216 in the webometric ranking of Universities in the country to 17, even beating some older universities to it.

In 2013, we produced the best law result at the Nigerian Law School.

For the first time in the history of the 30 year old institution, EKSU now has ALL of its courses accredited by the National Universities Commission. Please note that even some first generation universities in Nigeria are having accreditation for some of their traditional courses withdrawn.

Furthermore before JKF became governor, the state university did not hold convocation ceremonies for many years; but since 2013, graduation ceremonies are now being held as at when due.

In 2010, ekiti success rate in WASSCE was 22%, but through the many efforts to reposition the education sector, 70% was achieved in 2013.

JKF is also encouraging teachers in the state with various incentives such as core subjects allowance, teachers’ peculiarity allowance and rural allowance.

For the first time in the history of Ekiti State, primary school teachers now get car and housing loans.

JKF has also instituted the primary school teachers’ loans board, the first of its kind in Ekiti State. Over N30 million was recently (in this year 2014) distributed to primary school teachers as car and housing loans.

Every year, best teachers in secondary and primary schools have been given car gifts.

Ekiti State bagged many awards last year, some of which were Overall Best Performing State in the Annual National Mathematics and Science Competitions by Science Teachers Association of Nigeria [STAN]; First position in Mathematics for Senior Secondary School category in the National Quiz competition organised by Mathematics Association of Nigeria in 2013.

The First position in the All Nigeria Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools’ National Stage Quiz/Essay Competition held at Makurdi on February 5, 2013 was won by a student of CAC School Efon Alaye Ekiti.


Again a few ( NOT All) of JKF’s achievements in the health sector are as follows:

• Treated over 300,000 Ekiti Indigenes under the Free Health Mission Programme evenly spread across the Three (3) Senatorial Districts of the State in the following order:
 First Edition (State-wide) – 123,457 persons.
 Second Edition (Ekiti North) – 23,146 Persons.
 Third Edition (Ekiti Central) – 38,993 Persons.
 Fourth Edition (Ekiti South) – 41,583 Persons.
 Fifth Edition (Ekiti North & Part of Central) – 36,739 Persons.
 Sixth Edition (Ekiti South/Central) – 38,159 Persons.
 Seventh Edition (13 Legislative Constituencies) – 60,973 Persons.
 Eight Edition and Ninth Edition (Ilera L’Aafin) – 5,400 Persons.
• Paid Medical Bills for needy Patients totalling Ninety-Three Million, Three Hundred and Twenty-Nine Thousand, Two Hundred and Twelve Naira (N93,329,212).
• Procured and distributed Prosthetics worth Eighteen Million Naira (N18M) to the physically challenged people.
• Embarked upon the renovation of Eighteen (18) General Hospitals & Six (6) selected Secondary Health facilities, and construction of Three (3) Mother and Child Hospitals across the State to enhance Health Care services of the citizenry. The project is to cost the State Government One Billion Naira (N1Billion).
• Sustained a Free Health programme for Children under 5 years, pregnant Women, physically challenged Persons, and Citizens over 65 years and people living with HIV/AIDS which has so far addressed the health needs of about 48% of the State’s population.
• Established the Funmi Olayinka Centre for Cancer diagnosis for early detection and treatment of cancer-related ailments to avert avoidable death.
• Achieved remarkable increase in antenatal attendance from 15,254 in 2010 to 79,104 in 2012.
• Engendered the reduction of Infant mortality rate to 98 per 1,000. This is currently the lowest in Nigeria and also below the national average, which is 189 per 1,000, making Ekiti one of the very few States in Nigeria Certified as having met the 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

In 2010, the rate of maternal mortality was 420 per 100,000 live births, Ekiti now has the lowest maternal mortality and infant mortality rates in our country today.

We also now have the lowest HIV prevalence rate, as well as the current highest life expectancy in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

All these are as a result of JKF’s aggressive medical reforms and health policies.

You will agree with me that a person that has done these in less than 4 years will do more.

It is for the reasons discussed above that I say again with all sense of responsibility that IT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF EKITI STATE THAT JOHN KAYODE FAYEMI REMAINS GOVERNOR FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS.

Given the enormity of the powers that ‘Executive Governors’ wield in our country, in some other places, these are funds that could have been otherwise outrightly and blatantly embezzled without anyone batting an eye. ( by the way JKF abhors been referred to as Executive Governor, he says simply address me as Mr Governor, no wonder he is level headed, focused and result oriented.

The incidence of poverty in Ekiti State has been dealt a big blow. Just Imagine the number of students, their immediate and extended families that would have been sentenced to perpetual poverty had JKF not paid their WAEC FEES AND GIVEN THEM FREE JAMB FORMS.

With their Governor standing by them at the time of their need, the sky will be their limits and from them you will have Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Accountants, Technocrats, Scientists and Statesmen tomorrow. Should these students in future forget the one whom God used to give them the needed push?

Imagine also the number of children that have been saved from untimely death because these health policies have been faithfully implemented. What about the over 300,000 indigenes that have so far benefited from JKF’s regular Free Health Missions.

Prior to 16 October 2010, therefore if a child was born in Ado Ekiti today, another one in London or Paris and the other in Washington DC, the one born in Ado may not even be alive in the next 7 days, however things have changed as the Ekiti infant and maternal mortalities are the least in Nigeria.

Haba, let us give kudos to whom it is due, this Governor has done well.

While anyone has a right to aspire to be Governor, but that person will have to tell us what he is bringing on the table.

It is time we agreed that people should only aspire to positions of leadership if they have something to offer.

It reminds me of year 2001, when I ran into a gubernatorial aspirant of one of the states of Nigeria abroad. At the time over 10 people were aspiring to be governor of his state. I asked him, “Oga why are over 10 of you struggling to be governor in your state?…..is the incumbent governor so incompetent that he must be sent packing by all means?” He was unable to give me a single reason why he in particular wanted to be governor.

It was obvious that he was aspiring just for the sake of it and not because he had any plan for his state.

This is no time for unnecessary grandstanding, why then change a governor that has performed this well, these are the issues men and women of goodwill should ponder seriously upon.

Reps Ipsa Loquitor- an elementary term I learnt in my first year as a law student. THE FACT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF that JKF has truly and surely performed as governor.

It is not necessarily only for the sake of you and I, but about the boy that will be born in Ado Ekiti tomorrow, it is about the girl that will be born in Oke Ako Ekiti in 5 years, it is also about the infant that will be born in Iye Ekiti in the year 2024. In other words, it is about our collective FUTURE, what Hon Bimbo Daramola referred to as ” Nitori Ojo Ola Wa”

The ball is in our court as informed members of the Ekiti Society at home and abroad, we cannot afford to derail, why settle for darkness and falsehood when light abounds; The ancient Greek Philosopher Plato once said that “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

JKF will win AS THE LORD LIVES, I believe this with all my heart, because he has a plan, he has already shown in three and half years what he can do; he has performed well, he is a lover of peace, Ekiti State under his watch is experiencing real and tangible development. God is happy with him and what he has done to better the lot of the citizens of our dear state.


I conclude with this “In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Theodore Roosevelt


By the grace of God in Part 4, I will discuss JKF’s successes in Agriculture and Infrastructural Development.

Best Wishes

Tolu Dare in Ado Ekiti

JKF …..O ti Duro Soke Lagbara Olorun. AMIN



In 48 days, citizens of Ekiti, will be making the most important decision about their state in her 17 and half year history.

The decision as we all know is about who leads the state from October 16, 2014 and for the next 4 years therefrom.

I honestly hope that we all agree that this is an important assignment that we should not only take seriously and totally commit ourselves to, but also ensure that the best interest of our dear state is served at the end of this most important exercise.

Why is the decision we make important ?

Why is it important that we make the right decision?

Why is it important that we all get interested and involved ?

It is because, we are adjudged the state with the most educated people in our country, I guess it will therefore be assumed by the rest of our federation, that we are expected to make the most informed and the most intelligent decision.

It is also because we are Yorubas, adjudged the most cosmopolitan and the most educated even in the continent of Africa.

Most importantly because we are citizens of the Land Of Honour and we are Oni Uyis and Oni Eyes.

The right decision therefore is for us to elect the most suitable candidate for the High Office of Governor from the over 15 aspirants that are contesting the gubernatorial election.

In Parts 1- 3 of my articles, I have argued and provided incontrovertible facts on why John Kayode Fayemi (JKF) is the candidate with the best credentials among the aspirants, and that the best interest of Ekiti State will be best served if he remains our Governor for the next 4 years.

Why do I say so? It is because of what he has achieved in 3 and half years.

My series of articles are intended to assist us in also coming to the conclusion that JKF remains our Best Bet.

What are some of his achievements therefore in Infrastructural Development and Modernizing Agriculture ?


A few of the Achievements are:

. His Government has made unprecedented advancement in infrastructural development.

. The massive urban renewal and face lift given to Ado Ekiti is visible for all to see.

. All the major streets in Ado now have regular and functional street lights.

. All the major roads in Ado are now fully tarred, and as a result, it takes less than 20 minutes to get around the city from any particular point to another.

. JKF Government has so far constructed 736.715 kilometres of roads ( and counting)

. His efforts to make potable water available to every house in the state has started yielding fruits and government is also presently laying 400 kilometres of water pipes across the state.

. To realize his dream of making Ekiti the Bangalore of Nigeria, he has laid fibre-optic cables in the state capital.

. The 300 bed Oba Adejugbe Hospital in Ado Ekiti is nearing completion.

.Under the community self-help projects, JKF has completed and commissioned several projects in various communities in excess of N600million Naira.

. His Administration’s legacy projects; the State pavilion, the civic centre and the new Government House are also nearing completion.

. Constructed a total of 81.2 Kilometres of roads across all the Local Government Areas under the 5Kilometre Road-Per-Local Government Scheme as at 16 October 2013( and Counting)

• Increased water supply from 25% to 52% and further reactivated all mini Dams in the State.

• Constructed One Hundred and Sixty-Seven (167) modern water fetching points referred to as ‘Eyiyato Fetching Points’ across various Communities in the Sixteen (16) Local Government Areas of the State to cushion the hardship caused by acute water shortage.

• Provided fire-fighting trucks and equipment to the State Fire Service and also donated operational Vehicles to both the Nigerian Police Force through its Swift Response outfit and the newly established base of the Nigerian Army in Ekiti.

• Purchased and installed 100 Transformers to boost power supply in several Communities across the State also as at 16 October 2013 ( and Counting)
• Commenced the laying of Fibre Optics across the State to enable High-Speed Internet access to Homes and Offices at affordable costs and also create Wi-Fi Hot Spot around many business areas.

. Construction of 16, Ultra Modern Neighbourhood Markets with Lock Up Stalls are equally nearing completion in each of the 16, Local Governments Areas of Ekiti State.


A few of the Achievements are:
• Established the Youth in Commercial Agriculture Development (YCAD) Programme designed to engage youths in sustainable agriculture and this has so far generated 15,000 jobs.
.Currently 130,000 existing farmers in the state are being supported with expandable credit facilities .
. A loan facility of N600million, partly contributed by the Bank of Agriculture and the Fayemi Administration has been made available to the Farmers’ Cooperative in the state.
. Apart from the fortunes made by the YCAD participants, is an increase in the contribution of the sector to the internally generated revenue IGR of the local governments where the cassava farms are located.

. As a result this sector has increased its contribution to the state’s IGR from 2% to over 30%.

. In 2013 alone, 300,000 cocoa seedlings were nursed , and 210,000 oil palm seedlings which will be distributed to farmers this year’s rainy season are being raised.

. Already, 500,000 out of the one million cocoa seedlings targeted in 2014 have been nursed.

• Purchased 12 Tractors valued at Seventy-Two Million Naira (N72M) to support FADAMA III Project and provided Micro-Credit facilities to Farmers worth Thirty-Five Million Naira (N35M) at N150,000 per Farmer at zero interest rate.

• Achieved both the largest productivity (yield/Ha) and cultivation in Nigeria. Presently, Ekiti State’s yield of 15T/Ha is above the national average of 12T/Ha.

• Engendered the attainment of the largest cultivation expansion in Nigeria with addition of over 1,150Ha by YCAD Programme alone.

. The gains are already manifesting as Ekiti State has the highest Cassava yield in Nigeria in year 2013. Cassava harvesting is currently ongoing and shall continue for the next few months and 1,500 hectares of Cassava are ready for harvest, leading expansive opportunities for the Youths.

• Proactively and consistently supported Farmers with distribution of Farm implements, hybrid seedlings, herbicides and pesticides.
• Commenced the establishment of College of Technical and Commercial Agriculture in the State.

.Ekiti is now number 1 in cassava cultivation in the country. Between 1996 when Ekiti State was created and 2010 before JKF government came on board, Ekiti had never cultivated 350 hectares of land combined in a year but Today 1, 200 hectares for cassava alone has been cultivated.

. Government has also opened up 20, 000 hectares of land. Under its aquaculture programme, and the YCAD participants produce catfish that are packaged and sold far and wide, with many Ekiti sons and daughters prospering honourably in the process.

I appeal to us as conscience of Ekiti not to sit on the fence, we need to take a stand and that stand must be for what is in Ekiti’s best interest. Martin Luther King Jr was right when he said that “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ”

We must not allow ourselves to be swayed by pettiness and the mundane, we must be concerned about the verdict of History and what it will say about each and everyone of us.

It is our responsibility to ensure that the teeming masses of Ile Olokiti are educated on why JKF is the man that ought to continue as Governor.

We are all aware of the monumental challenges currently confronting our country. If we are to be honest with ourselves, Nigeria is going through its most difficult time since the end of the Civil War and she is being brought to her knees as it were.

It is also common knowledge that Nigeria needs to be fixed and fast too. The current challenges diminish us all and let Ekiti Sons and Daughters ( no matter how much we desire for a positive change in Nigeria) be under no illusion that we can fix Nigeria if we do not FIX EKITI FIRST.

I say with all confidence that it is only when we have ensured that a great and performing Governor( in our own case John Kayode Fayemi) is re- elected that we can even begin to attempt to fix The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

How do we go about this?

It is by you and I becoming the advocate for a continuity of good governance in Ekiti which JKF exemplifies.

We do this by educating our people. Politicians amongst us should mandate our ward members that JKF is the man that they should vote for.

Religious Leaders should tell their faithful that JKF that has performed this much, that has shown great Leadership deserves re election to continue to work for their interest for the next 4 years.

Teachers should let their students know that for the strides that JKF has made in Education in 3 and half years, he must be allowed to continue.

Husbands and Wives also have responsibilities to one another, to their households and to their neighbourhoods and proclaim that JKF is the MAN who has their best interest at heart.

Some people have asked, what Ekitis at home and in Diaspora who are unable to vote for one reason or the other can do. We can take it upon ourselves to educate and encourage our relations that JKF is the man they should vote for.

In the market places, in the beer parlours, at Omo Ile meetings, at Omo Egbe Meetings and in our door to door campaigns, we have A SOLEMN DUTY to ensure that our fathers and mothers, our Uncles and Aunties and Our Sons and Daughters in Ekiti are not MISLED.

While the not so educated and the not so enlightened may have an excuse if they do not fully understand the implications of what is at stake, the same cannot be said of us Ekiti Enlightened.

We should be concerned for our names, we must protect our reputation. We must and ought to be honest with ourselves. We ought to think, speak and act in the best interest of Ekiti.

By the grace of God JKF will win because he has done well for his people, he has SERVED this state well, with all his might and all his strength. He is a selfless servant Leader.

A man’s true greatness does not depend upon the largeness of the sphere of his work – it is measured by his CHARACTER and SERVICE to his fellow men.

To ourselves we must be true, and I remind us of what The Apostle of Peace Mahatma Gandhi said – “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

By the grace of God, I will discuss in Part 5 JKF’s Giant Strides in TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY.

Best Wishes

Tolu Dare in Ado Ekiti

JKF …… O ti Duro Soke Lagbara Olorun. AMIN