On June 21 2014, Ekiti Fathers & Mothers, Sons & Daughters, Brothers & Sisters, and Husbands & Wives will have to decide who they want as Governor from October 16, 2014 to October 15, 2018.

John Kayode Fayemi (JKF) has been Governor in this state since October 16, 2010 and I say again that the best interest of Ekiti will be best served if he remains Governor.

A lot of people have argued and rightly so that this election must only be about issues of integrity, sincerity of purpose and passion about getting freedom from want and making life more abundant for our people.

In this article, I will briefly discuss why JKF towers shoulder higher above others and why God is happy with him and has given him victory already.

He Declared His Assets: In year 2010: Not only did he declare his assets as required by law, but went ahead to make the details of the declaration public ( which is not a requirement of the law) while some other people in our country with higher responsibilities in public service refused to do so.

It will not surprise me therefore, when he again declares his assets probably on the 17 of October 2014,( because he would have been sworn in as Governor again the previous day by the grace of God) that his new assets since his last declaration will probably be more of his trade mark caps, maybe one or 2 more pairs of glasses, several books and a few agbadas and dansikis.

In his 3 and half years as governor, JKF has shown that he is a man that cares so much about his name and his integrity, he has demonstrated an unprecedented commitment to making poverty history in Ekiti to the extent that some have referred to him as an unusual and even strange individual.

His Commitment and Passion To Eradicating Poverty in Ekiti is Legendary: Given his passion and hurry to develop Ekiti, JKF rarely went on vacation.

If it is reported that he attended a program anywhere in Nigeria during the day, more often than not, he will be at his desk by dawn to attend to matters of state.

That he is a workaholic is an open secret. This makes him to leave his office regularly between 1am and 2am; and returns there before 8.30am in the morning.

Sometime in 2012, I was in a queue waiting to see him in the office and succeeded about 1.30am and just a few minutes before 2am his phone rang, and from his response, his wife was the caller pleading with him to come home. Erelu Bisi Fayemi has said publicly that she is lucky if she saw him 5 hours in a day.

On December 5,2013, He presented the 2013 Ekiti State Merit Awards to Deserving Recipients. The day before, he was in the far north, and on that same day he delivered a lecture in Plateau State and in the evening, he was back in Ado Ekiti to preside over the Merit Award Programme.

Shortly before Christmas, I was in his office about 9pm, I noticed that while attending to me, he was at the same time treating a huge pile of files; and after I finished, I said to him ” Your Excellency, you need to take a few days or a couple of weeks off on vacation during this holiday period” and he said to me in Yoruba ” Se Ise Holiday ni ise ti mo gba ni” ( Is going on holidays my job?)

It is JKF that is this committed to his duties that we need in Ekiti and, he is the one that has won already by the grace of God.

Chief The Honourable Obafemi Awolowo SAN, GCFR once said “While many men in power and public office are busy carousing in the midst of women of easy virtue and men of low morals, I, as a few others like me, am busy at my desk thinking about the problems of Nigeria and proffering solutions to them. Only the deep can call to the deep.”

It is this commitment, that has made JKF the only Governor in the history of our country to publish all the achievements he recorded in projects that he has completed in all the 123 towns and villages of the state.

The Publication is titled ” A Compendium of JKF Administration From October 16, 2016 To October 16, 2013″ . In the publication is listed all the completed and ongoing projects in each( without exception) of the towns and villages of Ekiti State.

For Example, as at October 16, 2013, JKF’s administration had completed 70 projects and 92 ongoing projects in Ado Ekiti the state capital. You can bet that since this was 6 months ago, more projects would have been completed and many more new ones will still be ongoing and this is true of the remaining 122 towns and villages.

JKF had a tumultuous and huge reception in his campaigns in Ekiti East Local Government yesterday and today. He confidently reminded his people the projects he had completed for them in the last 3 and half years, listed many more projects he would complete by the grace of God, in the remaining 6 months of his first term and the ones he will embark upon in his second term.

Kudos to the members of the Campaign Organisation and to Hon Apalara Adewunmi and his team for a job well done. I was greatly inspired and moved to tears seeing those excited and jubilant crowd receiving JKF in Ekiti East.

Yesterday in Omuo Oke, Hon Lekan Faromika was so thrilled that he called a boy hawking roasted groundnuts, bought every bunch in his tray and gave the little lad an additional N500 tip. I saw the boy in a yellow buba and sokoto jumping for joy walking away.

The astounding thing is that never in the history of our country has a governor been able to authoritatively list what he has done in every town, in every village and in every nook and in every cranny of the state.

JKF has pioneered this and a soft copy of the publication is available from his Senior Special Assistant on Research and Documentation who can be reached on hjamiu@ekitistate.gov.ng.


The Freedom of Information Law: JKF is the first Governor in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to enact a freedom of information law as part of its domestic laws.

In concluding this piece, I appeal to all men and women of good conscience, to spread the achievements of this Governor, what he has achieved in Ekiti, what more he will achieve and inform and explain to our people that their best interest will be best served if John Kayode Fayemi is returned as Governor for a second term.

I have no doubt in my mind that not only will JKF win with a LANDSLIDE AND CONVINCING WIN, but ALL of us will be alive and well to rejoice with him by the grace of God Amen.

Martin Luther King, Jr said “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people”

Let’s Remember that:

Oun abajoro kiipe kun

Oun asepo nileye

Ehin ola wa tidara o

Awa Ekiti ati parapo

Kaparapo katun panupo

Awa Ekiti ati gbominira

Okan lawansee

Ekiti, Ekiti ati gbominira (2ce)

Awa Ekiti iwaju laomalo lagbara Olorun

Awa Ekiti okan soso ma ni’wa o lailai


Best Wishes and more issues on JKF and his transformation agenda will be discussed in subsequent upcoming articles by the grace of God.


Tolu Dare in Ado Ekiti.
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TRIBUTE TO FUNMI OLAYINKA BY SEGUN ADEYI [ First Published When The the DeeGee Died in 2014 ]



Segun Adeyi

I just lost someone as never imagined, nor ever felt like this since I was born.

I just lost someone, and never knew the love and bond we had for each other was as strong as I felt after the eclipse.

I just lost someone in Funmilayo Adunni Olayinka. It is devastating. The reverberations and trembling were such never felt since I grew up to realise how painful pain can be.

I was at The Plaice in Ikeja GRA on Saturday, 6th of April evening having a solitude dinner when Akin called.

“Uncle Segun, have you heard about Sahara Reporters’ breaking news?”

Nope I replied, and sharply too. But there had been simply one news I never wanted to hear in the past three months. That is, the miracle of healing I have been craven and believing the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords for had not come to be.

To the best of my monitoring apparatus, Funmi was with us earlier that day, and when few minutes later, after having pushed aside and abandoned the remaining bits of my dinner, the confirmation hit and jolted me like a thunderbolt. The confirmation came all the way from the US of A. I made my way back home, shaking and trembling at the back of the car, and with the driver ceaselessly asking “Everything OK?”. There was never an answer given. Funmi Olayinka, nee Famuwagun, my Next Locker Neighbour [NLN], at Olivet was gone. We had our lockers next to each other during the HSC, Lower Six Studies.

Funmi was quintessential.

We came to be re-united decades later but this will not be the appropriate forum to discuss that as I need to talk about the Funmi I knew.

What a Lady.

What a Woman.

If there had ever been someone you can rely on, looking further will be a time wasting exercise to embark on.

She was the able and God-Chosen “Co-Pilot” to the Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. JK Fayemi. If your path had been crossed by Funmi’s, during that short 52 years on this side of eternity, and you do not have a lovely story to recount, there must be something seriously wrong.

I saw it all.

She was fiercely, and recklessly loyal.

Funmi epitomised hardwork.

Funmi was a representation of brain and beauty.

Funmi was what hardwork should be.

Funmi meant and lived Courage.

Funmi battled.

Funmi lived not a life of excuse, even when it could have been logically sensible, and acceptable.

Funmi was fulfilled.

Will there ever be the right age to bid the world goodbye? The fact in the question bordering on why good people live not for long continues with Funmi’s exit.

But she did well.

Icons do not live forever.

Legends establishes life-long impact that lives exponentially forever after them. That’s what Funmi, I believe was created to do and fulfil.

She did.

When, Funmi turned 50, I sent the piece below to the to the writer of a masterpiece written in one of the National Newspapers… “Just read through your piece on Funmi [ Funmi Olayinka @50],
and simply a beautiful one. Meanwhile by the time you finish reading through my mail, you will find it difficult to differentiate / distinguish between reality and the stuff a true fiction is made of. Here we go… In the first instance, I wish Funmi [ my NLN] the very best of 50th,…How time flies !!! We were in the same class of ’76, and I used to call her “Next Locker Neighbour” simply because her desk was next to mine. Meanwhile, she was in the Arts Department. Even then, Funmi radiates class, and she combined being tall with elegance, and not in the least was I personally surprised on reading through her bundles of achievements there after. Very hardworking lady. Some other classmates were the likes of Femi Vaughan, Rotimi Abolarinwa, Nikolas [!!!], Funmi Shangle, Bimbo Omope, etc…etc… This is the funny bit… I was Kayode’s BestMan when he got married to Bisi in 1989 here in London. I am eagerly waiting for that day, when that stolen mandate will be restored, and the story will be sweeter than nothing ever imagined. So much for the memory lane. May the Lord God continue to bless Funmi with Wisdom, Sound and Perfect Health, and Long Life. Happy Birthday to an amazing lady. Have a great weekend. Segun Adeyi, Swanley. Kent. United Kingdom. 07711143 xxx”

Funmilayo Adunni Olayinka, The Moremi of Ekiti Land, may your sweet gentle soul rest in perfect peace. You came, You Saw, and You Left a Legacy of Loyalty, Hardwork, Brilliance, and Passion for Excellence.

You are left Ekiti State better than you met it. Ekiti State will forever be grateful to you.

I will never forget that moment, when you held me tight and close, re-assuring me this last February. I wish I was strong and bold enough to look straight and directly into your eyes that afternoon, longer than I did…but the situation was tough…it was grim…you turned the comforter while I was supposed to be doing that, instructing me on the need to “thank and give glory to God for He’s been good”…Little did I realise that was going to be the very last time… …and inspite of it all, you still managed to call me …once more for the last time …”Baba Shege”

You will be sorely missed, but you are surely resting in the Lord.

Once again, Rest In Perfect Peace.

Segun Adeyi

[Baba Shege, as you always called me]