Babe’ @ 50                        

…your best dance is yet to come…

…and here is wishing our Priceless Golden Pearl, Elizabeth Oluwatoyin Adeyi all the happiness in the world @ 50

The pedigree I am bringing into writing this tribute about a Lady, An Incredible woman, a Faithful Wife, a Devoted Mother, an Icon and a Pillar of Support, a Woman after God’s Heart, and Our Jewel of Inestimable Value is simply a truly humbling one, and this I will savour as long as I live.

Babe was in her twenties, and I think, 20 precisely when fate brought our paths come crossing about 30 years ago. I still remember driving out after work, and noticed the strikingly pretty girl waiting for a cab, somewhere beside the Cinema Hall, Iju – Agege annex. I slowed down, beckoned at her, and she informed she was heading towards Oluwole Omole Street, Off Toyin Street Ikeja…I opened the car door, and ushered her inside. I was blasting none other than MJ’s “Thriller”, but a ReMix Version which I noticed she liked. Good !

On dropping her off, I introduced myself and she did the same, and her name… Toyin Omole, and thus I exclaimed, Oh, Toyin Omole, living on Oluwole Omole Street, Off Toyin Street…

I left the “Thriller” Cassette [no cd technology then] with her to register the fact that “I ‘ll be back”  …


The rest is history…being told, thirty years later to the Glory of God Almighty.


Having known & shared the last 30 years with Babe’, precisely 1983 – 2013, I can authoritatively say this much about her…

She is Diligent
She is Faithful
She is Honest,
She is Helpful
She is Hard Working
She is Smart Working
She is a Helper
She is a Reckless Giver
She is a Believer
She is a Woman of God
She is a woman after God’s own Heart
She is a Prayer Warrior
She is a Wise Woman
She is a Wife
She is a Mother
She is an epitome of Reliability
She is an epitome of Decency

She is Energetic

She is a Pillar of Support

In Babe’ resides the Spirit of Excellence


AND as you attain the golden age of 50, it’s Glory to God Almighty, the Giver of Life for all the Goods and the Goodnesses, the Greats and the Marvellousness He has been in your life…

We speak and make a bold declaration of His Faithfulness and Grace in / upon your life…

As you continue the journey of life, you will not be tired, and you will not be weary. Perfect and Total Health Regime will constantly be your portion in Jesus Mighty Name.

The Lord God Almighty, who has been faithful to see you through the last 50 years will not depart from you in the Mightiness of His Glory and Grace…

The Lord God Almighty WILL effect the flow of the Blessings of Obedience as confirmed in Deuteronomy 28, 1 – 14 towards you, even for serving Him. His Words WILL NOT return to Him void. He has said it, and so shall it be in Jesus Mighty Name. 

As the mountain top became visible on the 1st day of the 10th Month, ( 01 / 10 ), Genesis 8 : 5, so shall your head be visible as from today. People, and indeed the world shall begin to notice you for good. Every veil covering your glory shall be removed. The Lord will lift you up, and the whole world shall see you in Jesus Mighty Name…

And here is to your 50th Birthday, Babe’…


Happy 50th birthday, 
with this half century surprise. 
It was a priceless moment, 
that look in your eyes.

We’re all gathered here, 
since we love you and care. 
In your fifty sweet years, 
we’re so excited to share.

This special celebration, 
we shall not take lightly. 
Many hugs will arrive, 
warm and quite tightly.

You’ve had fifty years to prepare, 

As you speak from your heart, 
the young you will teach.

Your successes we’ll measure, 
not through your bank amount. 
But by your many blessings, 
as we sit here and count.

Happy 50th birthday, 
with this half century surprise. 
May your youthful enthusiasm continue, 
as you reach for the skies.


And as you celebrate the milestone today, I declare once again, that the Lord God that has brought you this far will never ever depart from your side in Jesus Mighty Name. 

He will ALWAYS go ahead of you to make straight roughened paths, and more than anything else, No weapon fashioned against you will prosper in Jesus Mighty Name.

The Strength, Wisdom and All that is required to fulfil your Vision, Mission, and indeed, your Destiny He Will Supply in no small measure.

And I declare once again, you will not be tired, you will not be weary, you will not be sick, and you will fulfil destiny. You Will Fulfil Destiny in Jesus Mighty Name. As your days, so shall your strength be.

Thus we declare your best dance is yet to come…





All Love,

Segun Adeyi

October 8, 2013