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In 1979, Bamanga Tukur was the Governor of the defunct Gongola State (now Adamawa & Taraba) and 33 years later, he is still the Chairman of the ruling Party, The PDP.

Dr. Bello Halliru was Commissioner in the Old Sokoto State (now Sokoto, Kebbi & Zamfara) and 3

3 years later, he is still the Minister of Defence; 

Major General David Mark (rtd) was the military Governor of Niger State in 1984 and 28 years later, he is still the Senate President; 

Gov. Murtala Nyako was the Governor of Niger State in 1976 and 36 years after he is still the Governor of Adamawa State; 
Ogbonnaya Onu was Governor of Abia State in 1992 and 20 years later, he is still the National Chairman of ANPP; 

Gov. David Jonah Jang was the governor of Benue State in 1985 and 27 years after,r he is still the Governor of Plateau State; 
and Martins Elechi the Ebonyi State Governor is over 80 years old! Only in Nigeria is this possible, 

1985, IBB was the president of Nigeria and our teachers told us that Buhari was the former Head of state as at then..
Our teachers also called us the leaders of tomorrow.. 27 years later, IBB and Buhari are still contesting for President [70+ tears old]..

Its either our teacher lied to us about being the leaders of tomorrow..Or tomorrow is yet to come.. What do you think…?


Having been a Foundation Member of New Wine Church, I may as well tell you…

Why I Love My Church

A church with a family like atmosphere.

…walking through the doors of New Wine Church I feel like walking into a whole new world because God’s presence is so felt so strong there. The staff is also friendly, and not to even talk of the well, and famously acclaimed Protocol Team.

No matter whom you are, and where you are coming from, there is always a willingness to accept you with open arms anytime. New Wine Church has a place for you…


There are so many reasons why I love my church, Yes My Church. No apology for that audacity.

One is because of God.


…and of course…


…because of Pastor T.

He epitomises what a real, true, energetic and obedient man of God he is. Pastor T is a complete gentleman. Having known him for more than Two Decades, and with the esteem opportunity of having shared a flat together during the days of small beginnings, I have learned so much from him about God, the Bible, and Biblical Principles and, what life is all about. I have seen a man that operates on the principle of nothing but ONLY the best is good enough.


Pastor Tayo is perhaps one of the very FEW that will only give you what he can put in his mouth.


Pastor T enhances people’s lives.

Pastor T makes sure, his passage through your path elevates your lifestyle.  

Pastor T is a Pastor of Pastors

Thus New Wine Church, a church that is Blessed with the fact that it has NOT been an appendage of another church. It was fashioned and created and established by God Almighty with a mandate for specific purpose, and a mission to be fulfilled.

New Wine Church, a church created from the scratch.


Thank you Pastor T …”for giving to the lord”…for the vision…for your

amazing faith…for your obedience…for the ‘gut’ to abandon a prestigious medical career…and to say Yes to the Lord’s calling.


Pastor T, lady J, this is for you…


THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD by RAY BOLTZ with lyrics [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWAv4qs_YnQ]



…and how can I forget, that early morning sometime in 1992 when you shouted at the top of your voice, “Hey, Oga, I have received it…..”, and I answered back, “received wahaaaat?”


Then came the response, “…received it clearly last night to go ahead with the establishment of the Church…and even to the name of the church…”


We had both moved away from Blythe Road to Sewell Road, and still so close with that end – to – end flats. Thus it was still easy to communicate.


…in spite of the messages from God through loads of various highly respected third parties to start a church, you were strong enough waiting to have God spoken to you directly. And He did.


God’s Strength


But there is “Something Inside So Strong”…


[Labi Siffre LyricsSomething Inside So Strong]


“Because there’s something inside so strong

And I know that “YOU” can make it”



…published earlier, July 25th, 2012 …