New Wine Church – The Church I See…

New Wine Church

The Church I See
Dr Tayo Adeyemi

Come with me through the veil and let me show you what I have seen. Mount up on wings as eagles, soar with me to summit and let me show you what has been shown to me.

Take the eyesalve and anoint your eyes, so that you may see clearly – for I want to show you THE CHURCH I SEE.

The church I see is a vibrant, dynamic body of wholesome believers – pulsating with the life of God and exuding the very fragrance of His beauty and His love.

The church I see is a mighty, flowing torrential river, flowing in the power of the Holy Spirit – undamable & unstoppable. Not a stagnant cesspool of religion and tradition, not a tiny ankle-deep stream, not even knee-deep or waist-deep; but a mighty river with an incredible current. Once you jump in – it takes over – you are no longer in charge. It is a river that carries the life of God with it, wherever it goes.

The church I see is both numerically large and spiritually deep. A replica on earth of the general assembly in heaven – the church of the first born, whose gatherings are attended by an innumerable company of angels. It’s a church that does not lose its depth because of its largeness – a church where the members are accountable to God and to one another. Where each person enjoys a deep, refreshing personal encounter with God at every meeting.

The church I see is an international worship centre, consisting of people from every race, tongue, tribe and nation. Where racism and every form of ungodly discrimination is forever banished. It’s a church where people are free to be themselves knowing that their ultimate identity comes from their personal relationship with God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The church I see is a missionary equipping and sending station where 52 weeks a year, missionaries are being sent out into the local community and to the uttermost parts of the earth with the saving power of Jesus Christ. It’s a church whose doors are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – where ministry is not restricted only to designated service times.

The church I see is a perfect cube – its length, breadth and height are equal. A church that is square, solid, strong, stable and structured. It’s a church where every aspect of ministry is mature and strong. Worship is strong, the word is strong, prayer is strong, ministry to children and youth is strong, community outreach and social action is strong. A church that is well rounded.

The church I see is relevant and practical in its outreach to society. A church that is answering the questions that people are asking. It’s a place where needs are met, where broken hearts are mended and hurts are healed. It’s a place where the waters are always stirred, where the Balm of Gilead flows without ceasing.

The church I see is an Apostolic Governing Centre – a church that accepts spiritual responsibility for its community, society and nation. It’s a church that settles social and political issues in prayer; and is not afraid to speak out boldly against social ills and injustices. The church I see is one of tremendous influence, whose leaders are regularly consulted by government on issues of policy before major decisions are made.
The church I see is a church of excellence, radiating the beauty and glory of God in the physical as well as the spiritual. It’s a church whose facilities are resplendent and breath-taking – reflecting the beauty of the very heaven she represents.

The church I see is a church on the cutting edge, taking full advantage of technology and blazing new trails for the secular world to tread in. It’s a church that utilises every possible means to proclaim the saving message of the gospel to the ends of the earth.

The church I see is truly the bride of Christ, the Lamb’s wife – having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing. It’s a church that is committed to personal and corporate holiness – a church where character and integrity are high on the list of credentials for leadership.

The church I see is a supernatural church – moving in all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It’s a church where miracles, signs, wonders and healings are a common everyday occurrence. A church where revival, renewal and reformation are permanent on the agenda.

The church I see is a place where souls are saved by their hundreds everyday, where the broken and lonely find new hope and acceptance. It’s a church where the down trodden are lifted up, the marginalised are included and the weary are refreshed.

The church I see is an empowering centre, where ordinary people are challenged, equipped, enabled and released to live extraordinary lives. It’s a church where everyone is encouraged to discover their purpose in life, develop their gifts, talents and abilities and fulfil their ministry.

The church I see is a caring and deeply devoted family where love is not merely a cliché, but a tangible, palpable, visible reality. It’s a church where families are strong and family values are held in high esteem. A church where the men are men – strong, focused and responsible husbands and fathers. Where wives submit to and support their husbands and children honour God and honour their parents.

The church I see is a financially prosperous church, where it is commonplace to see people of substance and wealth. It is a church that has at least 70 millionaires and twelve billionaires, who understand that the real purpose of wealth is to establish God’s covenant in the earth. It’s a church where members are financially responsible and are bountiful and liberal givers. A church whose members are the head and not the tail – champions and leaders in their fields of endeavour; and breaking new grounds in the arts and in science and technology.

The church I see is a church whose number one priority is to glorify God and to demonstrate His manifold wisdom to the principalities and powers – and to show His love to a lost and dying world.

The church I see is a rampant, prolific body of blood-washed, fire baptised, tongue talking, intelligent, believers who are secure in their call and who are determined to occupy till He comes. It’s a place of contagious joy – full of excitement and fun to be in.

This is the church I see. And this church could very well be our church. As a matter of fact the church I see is our church – New Wine Church. I will not say in my heart “who will ascend into heaven to bring down this church?” or “who will descend into the depths to bring it up?” For the word is near me, in my mouth and in my heart. This church is locked up within us. In the innermost recesses of our hearts – in our bowels – in our loins and in our spiritual wombs. And we will pay the price; we will travail as Zion and bring forth this child – this church.
This church will become a reality in the earth. So let this church emerge – let her arise in the earth, strong and mighty. Let her come forth; let her step out of the mind of God and into the streets of London. Let her climb out of the pages of the bible – out of Revelation 21 and become a reality in our day. LET HER COME FORTH AND BE THE CHURCH OF THE 21ST CENTURY.




As we celebrate our 19th birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude for your commitment to the vision of the house over the past years. 

As the days have become weeks and the weeks have become months and the months have turned into years, we have grown, not just in number but also grace, wisdom, strength, honour and influence. We have experienced the faithfulness of God individually and as a corporate body of believers and as a result, we have been able to make significant difference in this nation and indeed across the world, operating at a level of dominion that many would have thought was impossible. 


I am immensely proud of our achievements and am overwhelmed with thanksgiving for you, the faithful, outstanding and indeed incomparable members of New Wine Church.


I want to commend you for the manner in which and the spirit with which you have served one another and the advancement of the Kingdom. You have served so very faithfully, so joyfully and with a spirit of excellence which boasts of the greatness of the Greater One living inside you. You have made a difference in a way that you may never be able to fully appreciate on this side of eternity; you have nurtured, encouraged, supported and prayed for one another, celebrating the good times and supporting each other through the not so good times. You have been the secret of our great success.


The past 19 years have been wonderful but what lies ahead? Well, the Lord has pronounced great and awesome things regarding our future and the work that He has called us to do. Revival is coming to this great nation and New Wine Church is at the very centre of covenant history. We have entered into a new season; the place of our high calling, our season of beyond. Acceleration is coming; multiplication is part of our destiny and part of our mandate. Hold on to those words being completely convinced, beyond all shadow of doubt that regardless of what we face, not a single word that the Lord has spoken will fall to the ground. In the words of Bishop Mark Chironna, ‘We are the company of Joseph that believes the dream and if the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.

And so as we enter into our 20th year together, our ‘season of beyond’, I challenge you to keep your focus on our Lord Jesus Christ and the matters of the Kingdom. Gird your loins and prepare to out-run chariots. Fix your face like a flint and determine that nothing will dislodge you, nothing will deter you, nothing will derail you and nothing will divert you from the fulfilment of God’s purpose for your life.

Heaven celebrates with us today! You are indeed a difference-maker and a world changer Arise and Shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen on you!



Happy 19 Glorious Years in the Service of the Lord…and Congratulations to the Entire Membership of New Wine Church, London.


Having been a Foundation Member of New Wine Church, I may as well tell you…

Why I Love My Church

A church with a family like atmosphere.

…walking through the doors of New Wine Church I feel like walking into a whole new world because God’s presence is so felt so strong there. The staff is also friendly, and not to even talk of the well, and famously acclaimed Protocol Team.

No matter whom you are, and where you are coming from, there is always a willingness to accept you with open arms anytime. New Wine Church has a place for you…


There are so many reasons why I love my church, Yes My Church. No apology for that audacity.

One is because of God.


…and of course…


…because of Pastor T.

He epitomises what a real, true, energetic and obedient man of God he is. Pastor T is a complete gentleman. Having known him for more than Two Decades, and with the esteem opportunity of having shared a flat together during the days of small beginnings, I have learned so much from him about God, the Bible, and Biblical Principles and, what life is all about. I have seen a man that operates on the principle of nothing but ONLY the best is good enough.


Pastor Tayo is perhaps one of the very FEW that will only give you what he can put in his mouth.


Pastor T enhances people’s lives.

Pastor T makes sure, his passage through your path elevates your lifestyle.  


Thus New Wine Church, a church that is Blessed with the fact that it has NOT been an appendage of another church. It was fashioned and created and established by God Almighty with a mandate for specific purpose, and a mission to be fulfilled.

New Wine Church, a church created from the scratch.


Thank you Pastor T …”for giving to the lord”…for the vision…for your

amazing faith…for your obedience…for the ‘gut’ to abandon a prestigious medical career…and to say yes to the Lord’s calling.


Pastor T, lady J, this is for you…





…and how can I forget, that early morning sometime in 1992 when you shouted at the top of your voice, “Hey, Oga, I have received it…..”, and I answered back, “received wahaaaat?”


Then came the response, “…received it clearly last night to go ahead with the establishment of the Church…and even to the name of the church…”


We had both moved away from Blythe Road to Sewell Road, and still so close with that end – to – end flats. Thus it was still easy to communicate.


…in spite of the messages from God through loads of various highly respected third parties to start a church, you were strong enough waiting to have God spoken to you directly. And He did.


God’s Strength


But there is “Something Inside So Strong”…

[Labi Siffre Lyrics Something Inside So Strong]

 “Because there’s something inside so strong

And I know that “YOU” can make it”





I love my church because God is working here-and it is fun to watch Him 
do His will among us.


I love our church because we are able to use our gifts and talents to glorify God

here side by side with others who are doing the same.  Everyone enjoys spending

time together and working together (and eating together – Home Groups) to see God’s kingdom

established in Woolwich / UK, and indeed throughout the World, spanning Asia, Africa, and indeed the USA. 









[…this is adapted from a forth coming publication ]